Italian excellences: Retorta the modern style of tradiction


In 2016, the skilled Tuscan textile manufacturer, Ta-bru (founded in the early 1900s, making its start in the artisan production of straw hats), introduced its Retorta project for the production of interior design furnishing accessories.

Its objective was to approach the world of furnishings by proposing a finished product of the highest of quality. This is the natural happy end of a route that began in tradition, passed through difficult historic times without harm, and landed a collection which – without forgetting its origins – kept alive the taste of the years, enriching it with the quality and style that modern times require.

A weave of singular force, which originated from the creative frenzy of a company that is always avant-garde in terms of proposals. A collection which inaugurates a modern and audacious style and suggests us a new key to reading the home environement.

The product

Napkins, runners, cushions, purses, bags to carry items and bread bags… a series of furnishings and accessories characterized by a strong identity, evocative weaves, trendy tones which reinterpret with extreme contemporariness a knowhow which is tied to the genius of Tuscany.

The production

Retorta was born as an idea for an interior design finished product. All the items in the Retorta collection are Made in Italy. 90% of the design and production work leading to the completion of these proposals is done in-house.


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