The strive to create well-being in the kitchen


«Thanks to our staff’s passion and trust we want to create an international family which innovates and evolves responsibly in order to heighten people’s enjoyment when cooking and improve the well-being of our customers» this is how La Termoplastic FBM, the world leader in the production of pan handles, describes its intention for the future.

A clear, precise goal: improve people’s experience in the kitchen worldwide while responsibly managing and controlling the economic, social and environmental impact of its own production and, through constant research, make daily habits more responsible and appealing.

But FBM does not see sustainability just as a shared Why, the brand actually guides company processes both in terms of relationships with people (the workplace as a happy environment where progress stems from interaction) as well as the creation, design and production of products.

Through this skill and awareness, the brand wishes to recognise and explore the value of a fundamental element of cooking tools: handles.

In fact, the handle is the key element a person uses when interacting with a pan or frying pan, so it has great potential in influencing the consumer’s definitive choice and ultimayely determines the experience in the kitchen.

FBM is committed to guaranteeing that this experience is always positive and engaging, also by creating and promoting a new idea of “wellbeing”, in the holistic sense, as a way to make people feel good and benefit the environment, starting from the domestic environment – the kitchen.

This issue translates into new product lines and ongoing development.

ECOSYSTEM is, in fact, a planet-friendly collection made of natural raw materials from certified sustainable sources and regenerated materials produced by recovering production waste, thus giving waste material a new life. The collection includes different types of handles, side-handles and knobs. ECOSYSTEM is eco-sustainable because it reduces the level of emissions and resources needed for production while employing natural, sustainable materials and regeneretedmaterials, and, what’s more, it is naturally heat-resistant and conforms to international legislation.






In addition, LOOK AT ME handles are made of a compound which is free from colouring agents. The handles and accessories in this collection stand out for their distinctive green colour produced by the absolute lack of artificial colouring agents. LOOK AT ME is also part of the ECOSYSTEM collection.









maniciBut there’s more, as highlighted by all the main research into trends, nowadays consumers equate well-being with feeling safe and protected.

This need inspired the ACTIVESHIELD line – the perfect option for consumers in pursuit of good hygiene and health. The Clean Handles product line contains anti-microbial properties which eliminate contamination and consequently improve people’s daily well-being from the moment of production through to the kitchen. The only part of the pan we interact with when cooking and when we touch the pan is the handle, so to be able to offer a product which is not only safe but which is always clean, improves the quality of life and well-being of the person using it.

In fact, Active Shield offers consumers long-term protection against bacteria and guarantees more complete hygiene, not only on the surface but also the whole product thus improving consumers’ health.

In order to create a more complete and inclusive experience of well-being the different shapes and the ergonomic design improve the grip, this in turn makes the overall cooking experience more enjoyable.



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