Italian excellences: Ta-Bru historical technique on innovative fabrics


Ta-Bru produces extremely high quality fabrics for leather goods, interior design furnishings, and apparel. Its characteristic specialty is woven fabric both in leather and in other fibers.

A typical tradition of this area which meets contemporary needs: thanks to the continuous research the company is able to apply the historical weaving technique on fabrics made with different yarns, creating unique effects.

The story

Manifatture Toscane Ta-Bru Spa was founded in the early 1900s by Brunetto Targioni, and is still run by the third generation of the family.

This is how a company which was a producer of artisan craftsman goods was able to evolve into an industry, while always confirming itself as a symbol of quality and innovation.

Born of the inventive skills of Brunetto Targioni who, on the verge of the Second World War, had the idea of going from straw hats to the production of weaves and wool and cotton yarns, Ta-Bru soon became a benchmark for tailors and artisan companies. Upon Brunetto’s death in 1953, the company passed to his fifth son, Franco, who is still the president of the company. And under his entrepreneurial guidance, fabrics became the main player in this new phase of company history.

The production

All Ta-Bru production is done exclusively in Italia, at the company’s factories. Besides the headquarters in Signa, Manifatture Toscane Ta-Bru also has a detached factory in Annone Brianza where it produces exclusively Jacquard fabrics. Instead, the company dye factory is in Prato.


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