Don’t say they’re small!


Saving energy, space and time. This is the identikit of state-of-the-art small domestic appliances, designed to be the perfect ally in the home and in the kitchen. They help to halve the time required to prepare a dish, deep clean the kitchen and purify the air inside the home, contained within appealing design, and easy to store away inside a drawer, hang inside a cupboard or behind a door. But what kind of impact do they have on the environment and how much energy do they actually consume? As well as helping us to adopt a more responsible lifestyle and be more aware of our behaviour, new devices on the market can really make a difference as they are equipped with functions and processes designed to increase sustainability and energy efficiency whilst guaranteeing consistently high performance. Energy efficiency – it goes without saying – is an increasingly hot topic these days, especially in recent months given the current historical period, both in terms of the economy and respect for the environment.

Domo Soup Maker Genius

Trabo, distributor of the Domo brand in Italy, is specialised in the production of small domestic appliances which are particularly sensitive to the environment and diet. Emanuele Castiglioni, Sales Manager at Trabo, says «the crucial thing is to provide assistance in the kitchen, in terms of time and effort, thus reducing the consumption of energy, be it electricity or fuel. The Soup Maker Genius by Domo can make soup in only 20 minutes: the four cutting blades and fast heating mechanism make for delicious soups. Then, the super tough glass and digital settings make preparation quick and easy». This means that pans, pots, funnels, hand-held blenders and hobs are not needed, just one, single versatile appliance which can also be used to make jam, smoothies, milkshakes and much more.

In addition, it saves energy and guarantees excellent results. In line with the market’s demand for products which save time, space and energy, Russell Hobbs –  the British brand which has made a name for itself in recent years in Italy as a strong brand, especially in the Food Preparation, Breakfast and Cooking sector – has hit the mark with innovation regarding design as well as performance, in particular, its Ocean Blu Distinction kettle, is the first wireless model, with the first 360° rotating base, it switches itself off automatically when the water boils and also features a quick boiling function. Vieri Pecori Giraldi, Marketing Director at RRH Italia, explains that the Ocean Blu kettle, which is part of the Distinction breakfast collection, exemplifies these qualities: the design develops vertically, this extremely distinctive characteristic means that the kettle takes up less space in the kitchen and saves time: a mug of water (235ml) takes only 57 seconds to boil, and also saves energy, some 64% less (when a mug of water is boiled in place of 1L). Smeg products are also designed to be used every day and left on display. Function and design is a winning combination for small appliances by Smeg, the new icons of the domestic space. Size matters in terms of technology on display: one example is the semi-automatic ECF coffee maker, it is much more compact compared to a professional coffee machine but is just as efficient: from bean to cup, one click and the coffee is ready, rich and creamy.

Forno DS59N 5. in 1 di Panasonic

Panasonic is increasingly interested in the possibility of creating a circular economy which in turn saves energy, time and space, claims Claudia Alongi, Kitchen Marketing Manager (IT/FR/ES/BENL) at Panasonic. «All Panasonic electrical appliances are high quality, long-lasting and sturdy, this means that they have a longer lifecycle and so contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and society». In fact, the company has always been committed to restyling the design of its products in order to prolong the life cycle, and this approach is reflected in all the sectors it operates in, including the kitchen sector. One such example is the new DS59N 5-in-1 oven. A single electrical appliance featuring five different cooking methods: steam, convection, grill, microwave and the exclusive Panacrunch airfryer. The DS59 oven saves up to 40% of time and energy thanks to the patented Inverter technology, the result is a more sustainable way of cooking. In fact, sustainability is one of the Japanese company’s short-term goals, it intends to totally cancel its CO2 gas emissions by 2030.

A lot can be done about food wastage, beginning with vacuum-packing machines. R.G.V. presents its high-performance Fresh Quality Magnet, a magnetic vacuum sealer: compact, portable and easy to clean, it features a magnet which allows it to be hung on the fridge or any other metal surface, thus saving space. Its modern look is not only down to its status as a functional and practical object, it can also be a design piece to put on display in the kitchen.

Apparecchio per sottovuoto Reber

For several years now, Reber has also been present in the vacuum sealer sector with its range of Italian-made models. Nowadays vacuum-sealed food storage is a mainstay of efficiency in the kitchen, in order to avoid waste, improve the storage of food, rationalise the use of the fridge and freezer and optimise food shopping. We can also add energy saving to the list, explains Maurizio Re Partner and Sales Manager of Reber Srl, thanks to a system developed and patented by Reber which uses electronics to control the appliances and use electrical energy consumption by up to 50% without compromising performance. «Particular emphasis is also placed on the materials – continues Maurizio Re -. Bags for vacuum sealed storage and containers can be made of 100% recyclable materials, so as to obtain complete environmental sustainability and enter a circular economy cycle which can even use recycled material to produce new packaging for food».

No kitchen is complete without food mixers, multi-cookers and hand-held blenders, they halve the time needed for food preparation. A diversified product range is offered by Künzi, who distributes in Italy, as well as the famous Swiss Bamix brand and its line of blenders and hand-held blenders, including wireless models, different series of powerful, compact small household appliances such as Ankarsrum, the Swedish food mixer which is extremely sturdy, functional and aesthetically appealing. With its 16 different accessories Ankarsrum, as well as mixing and combining, can stir, chop, press and roll out pasta and grind coffee beans.



The range of air sanitisers/purifiers, called AirO’, by Baraldi Cappe consume less energy than a small table fan, they are essential in the fight against viruses, bacteria, fungus spores, mould and odours in general. «They work by means of a plasma generator which emits large quantities of negative ions which are beneficial to people’s health but lethal for pathogen agents suspended in the air» explains Lorenzo Baraldi, Executive. Academic research has proven their effectiveness in eliminating up to 99.9 % of organisms present in the air treated by the machine, including different types of viruses, such as SARS-CoV2. This means that it can capture and deactivate viruses present in a closed environment, both airborne and on surfaces up to 4 metres away from the machine (though it does not solve the problem of diseases spreading via human contact). Designed for spaces measuring from 20 m2 (the desk model), 45/50m2 (the Plus model) up to 100 m2 (the Maxi model).


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