Textile innovation along the production chain


Tradition, Ingenuity, as well as Innovation and Beauty. This is Martinelli Ginetto Group, an integrated hub along the length of the high-end textile chain, which brings together the company’s seventy-year history, indeed it was founded in 1947 by Ginetto Martinelli. Today, this Bergamo-based company offers unique integration in its areas of business and produces a wide, personalised range of products for the home and hospitality sector, which, thanks to the brand’s responsible approach, enhance the living experience.
Spinning, weaving, finishing and textile editor are essential elements for production control and logistics managed by state-of-the-art technology, so as to guarantee excellence and quality.

A fundamental partner for weaving and spinning, today the Group is also a point of reference in Europe for textile finishes.
Thanks to its experience in production, dyeing and processing, together with its operative flexibility, the company is able to finish over 50 million m2 of fabric for numerous Italian and European clients.
A strong, recognisable commitment which makes the Martinelli Ginetto integrated hub a leading industrial powerhouse in various sectors along the production chain with a collective vision which simultaneously promotes the identity and heritage of its brands.
The process starts with the very best raw materials, carefully selected thanks to a consolidated global network of suppliers-partners, who produce fine yarns and fabrics for bed and table linen, items for the bathroom and furnishing accessories.
A blend of research and style which allows the Group to satisfy the tastes and needs of the market thanks to its ability to read the changing world. For Martinelli Ginetto Group, innovation is first and foremost a mental attitude, encompassing all creative and production activities. This is why today the company develops CAD-designed textiles, ready-to-weave textiles with calibrated colours, digital twin, digital prints, apps and social initiatives which go beyond the confines of the ordinary.
«Our products are the result of creativity and tradition, the use of the best technology and constant training. Designed to last over time, they are sustainable, their very nature and composition guarantee quality and consistent performance, assuming a brighter future» says Alberto Paccanelli, Ceo and Board Member.

We launched The Walk to describe the journey and values which led to the creation of Martinelli Ginetto Group.



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