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Tthe Xbake project updates Guardini's idea of sustainability

This is how Elena Guardini, CEO and Marketing Director in Guardini, introduces the XBake project which represents the company’s desire to embark on a path of sustainability that involves the entire supply chain. «We are very proud to present XBake, because it is the result of a project we have been working on for months. It has seen four companies cooperate for a common purpose: the creation of a baking moulds collection with a reduced impact on the environment. This testifies that by joining forces along the supply chain, we can truly become more sustainable. XBake is made of a support steel coming from production processes transformed thanks to sustainable innovative technologies and therefore equipped with an XCarb® certificate from ArcelorMittal, which certifies its reduced carbon footprint». This is how Elena Guardini summarizes, with the usual enthusiasm that distinguishes her, the new project that will be presented in preview at Ambiente Frankfurt. A collection that fully describes the commitment to decarbonization of the entire supply chain, from the selection of raw materials to the production process and packaging. A shared project, whose protagonists have worked as real partners for a common purpose. «The XBake non-stick coating is PFAS-free, the result of a new technology, developed by ILAG, which has managed to eliminate these chemical components from the production process and therefore from the environment. It is also applied with “coil coating” technology, by the company Cooper Coated Coils, which eliminates its dispersion into the environment and guarantees uniform coverage over the entire surface of the mould, for high non-stick performance and a longer product life cycle» explains Elena Guardini.«These raw materials are then transformed inside the Guardini factories, which respond to our policy that is very attentive to the environment» concludes. A new baking mould collection that makes Guardini’s strategy visible and concrete for the near future: concrete actions for a sustainable impact of its economic and productive activity.



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