Italian excellences: creative innovation


Attention to the genius loci, to the connection between territory and product from craftsmanship to the factory, is one of the characteristics that make the Made in Italy unique.

According to Istat, the productive districts of our country are 141 and it is from this business structure that are born, according to analysts, excellence, competitiveness and also Italian resilience.

For this reason we think that in order to thoroughly understand Made in Italy it is essential to go into the places where these proposals are born

We propose a journey “inside” the Italian factories to discover the “behind the scenes”, the stories behind the things.

Yes, because behind the brands, there is a creative innovation that comes from an ancient know-how, there are women and men who with their passion, their abilities, their skills are able to realise the Italian excellences.

Alessi, the design factory

Bellora, luxury home textile

Cinelli Piume e Piumini, synonym of research and safety

Guardini, the specialist of steel baking molds

Lagostina, passion for cooking

RCR – Cristalleria Italiana, quality glass for tableware, tasting and barware

Retorta, the modern style of tradiction

Risolì, innovative cookware

Ta-Bru historical technique on innovative fabrics 



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