Textiles – comfort, harmony and warmth. A conversation with ovre.design

The rooms in the Hotel Salus in Jesolo, thanks to the creative input from ovre.design, boast colours, textures, furnishings and complementary furniture which express well-being and Italianness
Textiles played a crucial role within the work of architect's studio ovre.design

Textiles immediately played a crucial role within the work of ovre.design Possibly also due to the fact that Giulia Delpiano, co-owner of the studio with Corrado Conti, originally comes from Biella, an area which is characterised by textile companies - Fila, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna to name a few. Companies which originated from that area and went on to reach international fame.

Splendid Junior Suite in Hotel Val di Sogno: a spacious environment, of understated elegance, where colour blends with design and welcomes guests with the tones of the sky and the lake

«In fact - the designers say- textiles are important to us on two emotional levels, as they satisfy both the senses of touch as well as sight. In our view, the appeal of an interior depends on the relationship the occupant creates with it. Because it is not a work of art in its own right, the architecture and particularly the interior design, inevitably have value due to the interaction which takes place with the inhabitants. In our designs, the textile element adds comfort, harmony and warmth, these elements are essential in contemporary interiors».

But how can the importance of textiles within interior design be communicated to the client?
«In a very detailed, precise manner. Textiles take centre stage both at the concept and moodboard stage, as well as when we visualise the textiles in the environment and in the complete mock up we present to the client».

When it comes to contemporary design, sustainability inevitable comes up, and especially how it is applied to the world of textiles:
«To us sustainability means many things. Ecology, obviously, but that’s not all. We try not to limit ourselves to making it just a means of communication or marketing, often this translates into a lack of content, rather we try to understand what a design studio can focus on in order to indulge a trend which is necessary for our world and for our future. Opting for green companies and local products is an essential way to reduce transport and support systems which respect the environment. However, sustainability is not just about long-lasting materials and respecting the environment, it is primarily about support, that’s why choosing Italian-made products is a byword for support and therefore sustainability for our market and the Italian excellence we believe in».

The Matilde apartment is an esclusive space situated in the center of Reggio Emila

However, here too it is really important to know how to communicate the value of sustainability to our clients…
«Absolutely. In fact, this is why we try to raise clients’ awareness regarding the proper use of water by means of design solutions and products which blend aesthetic aspects with technical features designed to reduce waste. We believe in careful attention to detail, strong empathy with a creative, exclusive environment which places emphasis on values such as integrity, sustainability and promotion of both the physical and human environment».

Working on residential projects and for hotels involves two different uses of textiles. How are they different?
«The world of luxury dwellings and that of hotels dictate two different directions and choice of textiles. In the first case, the choice depends on an entirely emotional, sensorial approach based on the effect we want to create within an interior. We hardly ever encounter budget restrictions and we are more or less guided by aesthetic decisions and by the quality of products. On the other hand, talking about textiles in the hotel industry means dealing with much more functional aspects, in terms of performance for example, such as: resistance to wear and tear, textiles that can be washed and sanitized without affecting the colour and a crucial characteristic is resistance to fire. Obviously, aesthetics also play a role but we have to stick to the budget. We are certainly more limited compared to luxury dwelling projects but it is also true that in recent years the contract market has moved towards offering increasingly appealing aesthetic, sensorial solutions».


n the Agorà Palace Hotel in Biella the establishment’s design answers everyone’s needs: from people who travel for pleasure and those who travel for business, the décor is modern, elegant and top quality

who is ovre.design

Founded in 2019 in Reggio Emilia, ovre.design is an architects’ studio and the ideal partner for interior design projects – both for luxury dwellings and hotels – and for the creation of bespoke, original interiors. The studio owners, Giulia Delpiano and Corrado Conti, following a 5-year professional stint in the US, today boast a background specialised in the world of interiors and luxury hospitality. There is a “turnkey”  approach to design projects within both residential and hospitality spheres.





ph.Andrea Valcavi – Matteo Della Casa Di Dio


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