Camilla Textiles Charme and quality for the home


Founded in 1962 Camillatex is a family company specialised in the production of high-quality natural fibres. Since it was first founded,it has always put research and development first. Constant innovation is the reason behind the firm’s success and today it is a source of pride. In fact, the company’s fibres are used all over the world for collections for the home and hospitality by top brands both in Italy and abroad. The careful attention to detail, and the quality of raw materials are reflected in the creation of precious fabrics that make environments pleasant and sophisticated.

The products

Camillatex fabrics are aimed at producers of textiles for home and hotel sectors. The luxury element comes from the selection of raw materials which are of the best quality. Linen and cotton are the undisputed stars. The finely balanced finishes and dyes allow for the production of items which, thanks to the contemporary creativity, add extra value to a room, turning it into a chic space.


Camillatex Tailor Made allows the client to create personalised products. The customer-oriented philosophy means that customers are looked after every step of the way of choosing from a wide range of fabrics, colours and finishes. A product selection which includes different tastes, from classic and sophisticated to modern and extravagant.



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