Italian excellences: RCR – Cristalleria Italiana, quality glass for tableware, tasting and barware

Born in 1967 from the fusion of two artisan glass-makers in the Valdelsa Area, RCR is the Italian company which makes quality glass for tableware, tasting, and barware.

A brand that is 100% made in Italy, it represents excellence in all segments and in all the production techniques for Luxion®, the first eco-crystal glass, which is ultra-clear, dishwasher safe (lasting over 4,000 cycles), and offers the best characteristics for transparency, brilliance, and sound on the market.

Technological innovation is in this “green” company’s Dna – a part of company values since the start – as seen in its use of electric furnaces with zero environmental impact, glass cullet recycling, and choice of renewable and solar panel energy, always seeking maximum eco-sustainability. Its website,, its online shop, and its RCR Stand Up video, show a dynamic company that is innovative and enthusiastic, that works with strength and determination, exporting Italian design and lifestyle to over 80 countries.

The product

RCR produces tableware, tasting and barware items in Luxion®. Its stemware and glasses, and objects for the table, the home, and the professional sector are made with the purest raw materials and guarantee the highest product quality.

The production

RCR boasts a production factory which extends across 255,548 square meters and is able to produce 30 million pieces a year. This is also thanks to its electric furnace which works on a continuous cycle, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All the various types of glass-working are all carried out in-house, including the second phase of workmanship such as cutting, color, decoration, and customization.


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