Galbiati Milano looks to the future


Colour, quality, originality and design, these four words encapsulate the essence of Galbiati Milano, a company which boasts a history of over 100 years. Water tumblers, wine glasses, flutes for champagne, sparkling wine and liqueurs form the core business of this brand which has made the use of colour its distinguishing trait on the market. Bought in 2021 by Mopita, this company also stands out thanks to the fact that instead of resting on its laurels it is always looking to the future, in pursuit of new challenges. In fact, there are lots of new developments, beginning with selecting certain best-selling lines of glasses for the creation of a new product range, while other lines have been slightly reworked from a modern perspective. In addition, new lines have been developed in collaboration with well-known designers. As well as glasses, also silk porcelain plates have been introduced featuring a delicate bas-relief wave pattern, melamine plates and oil and vinegar bottles made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass featuring a mirror-finish 18/10 steel pourer. Products taken from the archives include Carnival, Dots and Luna glasses.

All these glasses are made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass with paste details in various colours. The famous Dots”version featured different colours, today the details are monochromatic and available in multi-coloured sets of 4 (ochre, red, green and grey). The Luna series is composed of mouth-blown glass borosilicate tumblers with paste details in various colours and coloured glass applications. Compared to the original version, the new tumblers have a more harmonious shape and the colour is more in line with contemporary tastes. Galbiati Milano’s new horizons are particularly focused on specialist retail stores and include promotional activities supporting merchandising material.


Galbiati Milano, founded in 1908 in the heart of Milan, originally started out as a silverware company and has always had a strong connection with premium quality tableware and accessories, whilst focusing its research onto the design and production of glass.
Acquired in July 2021 by Mopita, today Galbiati Milano has broadened its horizons, and confirmed its multidisciplinary aspect in its DNA by adding new materials and designs to its glass products. After 100 years of business, Milan, its city of origin, as well as the capital of fashion, design and culture, continues to provide creative inspiration for the future. Every glass product made by Galbiati Milano’s expert glassworkers is in fact an example of craftsmanship and utterly unique: any slight imperfections or differences are hallmarks of the product.  


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