Fratelli Guzzini. Italian excellence with its eye on the horizon

Guzzini has been interpreting the ‘made in Italy’ for over 100 years now and accompanies people in their daily routine thanks to design objects which are multi-functional, long-lasting and truly sustainable

«We have modernised our production plants and invested heavily in research and development whilest conferring with the academic world. This allowed us to begin a strategic journey in 2019 called Circle - a programme designed to make waste material beautiful again via recycling. In addition, we were the first in our sector to introduce innovative organic plastic material obtained from renewable sources. But there’s more: we have updated our communication style and adopted  a friendlier approach which is more open to all generations, also young people. For 2023 we have increased in-store activity and we will run a television campaign on channel La7 in April to support the launch of our new collections, first and foremost, Dolcevita, a series of items for the table which encapsulate our brand’s typical DNA: beauty, colour, functionality and sustainability!».
This is how company chairman, Domenico Guzzini, sums up Fratelli Guzzini’s strategy, a company which boasts over 100 years of constant innovation. This innovation has always resulted in the creation of practical beauty which can give new meaning to everyday habits.

As a way to enter the everyday life of its consumers, Guzzini will present the new version of Store&More in 2023. These airtight containers are elegant and versatile, ideal for storing food in the fridge and freezer, heating up food in the microwave with a lid thanks to the special valve feature, transporting and serving food at home or elsewhere, they will now be bio-based, i.e. made from waste material or residual vegetable bio-mass, therefore renewal and not fossil-based. Even the colour has been completely updated: it’s all about ton sur ton for containers and their lids with a new naural colour palette.

As the CEO, Sergio Grasso, underlines «In 2023 we shall continue to support our distributing partners in the creation of value for consumers. Specifically, we intend to support the valuable work carried out by our most loyal and qualified retailers by reserving our premium and most identifying collections for them. The new Dolcevita collection will be one of them. Considering its product range, design and perceived value, it is destined for best-seller status. In fact, our retail partners in specialist stores will receive extra support in order to cover the role of actual “ambassadors” who, with their high standard of service and recognised professionalism will be our allies in guiding consumers towards choosing quality».

The thrill of La Dolcevita – The new Guzzini collection

The 2023 Dolcevita collection was designed by Pio and Tito Toso and is positioned in the Premium of Guzzini’s product catalogue: a rich, comprehensive collection (jugs, glasses, tray, cake plate, bowls, cake stand…), its design is both stylish and versatile as its elegance makes it ideal for any table setting. The use of colour and transparency creates a remarkable visual effect: different coloured diamond shapes – mother-of-pearl, emerald, turquoise, amber and amethyst – alternate with clear shapes, thus referencing this brand’s famous hallmark of two-tone colours while adding additional material value. In fact, the entire collection is made of bio-based plastic obtained from vegetable bio-mass waste and residue, so it is renewable and of non-fossil origin – no use of space, soil or water for food production for humans. Furthermore, Dolcevita is Italian-made, dishwasher safe and also includes an elegant Gift Box.


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